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Shorty Fenders for Onewheel XR

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Shorty Fenders for Onewheel XR

Introducing Shorty Fenders for Onewheel XR®! The fender for riders who hate fenders. Shorty's are the first Onewheel fender option available from TFW, created in partnership with 3Dway; a manufacturer of Onewheel accessories since 2019. 

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Learn more about Shorty Fenders at
Looking for other fender products like this? Check out 3Dway on Etsy!

New Colorway versions:

This version of the Shorty fender comes in 4 colorway options featuring a band of color at the base of the black fender! Color not your style? All-black is a solid choice to match with any board.

    Unique Styling

    Designed as a minimalistic solution for riders who typically ride with no fender to keeping your feet from making contact with your tire, as well as offering some protection from debris and water. Shortys are sleek and stylized with a unique shape crafted with love by us and emboldened with the "Skull & Bolts" logo design. The edges of the fenders are tapered inward to reduce the likelihood getting caught on debris while rolling. The shape hugs the tire closely for a streamlined and subtle look, prefect for those who love seeing their tire while they ride.

    Adjustable Placement

    Shortys feature an elongated hardware hole allowing you to adjust the placement of the fender closer or further from the tire with ease, preventing the dreaded "fender rub" you get with some tires.

    Premium Materials

    Produced with a strong, yet flexible material, Shortys can take a beating from even the most intense riding conditions. Shortys feature an eggshell, semi-smooth finish which wipes clean easily.


    Shortys are compatible with full-sized Onewheels, Onewheel Pint®, and Pint X®. The Pint version has a notched base, preventing the fender from obscuring the LED light bar of the Onewheel. Your order will include spacers allowing you to use your fenders with or without fender delete products. Currently compatible with all major footpads options and grip tape. Compatible with TFW Growler v2 mods, W.T.F. Rails and Homebrew Rails by The Float Life.

    Included in your order

    · One set of TFW Shorty Fenders
    · Four fender delete spacers in matching color (XR model only)
    · Four anodized screws
    · One hex key
    · TFW swag and extra goodies

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